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Get started or reinvigorated!  Check out: "Must-read Strength Books".
Read about a scientific road trip to the Arnold Classic in "Six Hours in Columbus" (Lowery) Translate daily eating concepts into success with "AM-PM Recipes" (Lowery) Clear the confusion about antioxidants in "Anti-oxidants: Now What?" (Lowery) Be honest with yourself in "Are You Justifying Your Post-Workout Carbs?" (Lowery) Get first-hand research knowledge from the "ASEP Conference Report" (Lowery)
Understand your torso in "What's In Your Core?" (Mike) Are your parents at fault? Read "Genetics at Play" (Mike) Do you understand training phases? Read "Examination of Period-ization" (Mike) Read new research on coffee, protein and more in the Japan-Thailand Travelogue: "Asian Odyssey"! Contemplate popular diets in "Balance This!" (Lowery) Look under your hood in "Fat Loss Biochem   Pt II" (Lowery)
What kind of foods make up a training diet? Read "The Basic Foods List" (Lowery) Eating differently during the day with "Temporal Nutrition Part I" (Lowery) Continue examining daily metabolism changes in "Temporal Nutr Part II" (Lowery) Get facts and speculation on the importance of hydration: "Bodily Fluids I" (Lowery) More facts and speculation on hydration in: Bodily Fluids Pt II (Lowery) Look under your hood in "Fat Loss Biochemistry Pt I" (Lowery)
Dodge the need to "diet" this December with "December Dieting?" (Lowery) Reduce kcal intake easily with Calorie Dilution Techniques Increase calorie output easily with Calorie Draining Techniques II Optimal intensity and number of sets for muscle growth? See: "High Country Heretics"! Get ripped realistically in "100 Workouts" (Lowery) Sugar in the news: How Bad is Sugar, Really? (Bell)
Get started or reinvigorated with Must-read Strength Books (Torres)          
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