This is where you buy stuff to support the cause. (Remember we are listener-supported.) The three clickable icons below are "The Halls of Iron": Each is a specific kind of store to meet all your needs. Have fun with the over-the-top hyperbole and descriptors! Enter the Halls of Iron and join us on our heroic quest!

Rob's store will soon provide the motivation and training products to fortify your daily battles. Phil's store will offer sound competition advice and equipment, including products related to injury prevention and treatment. Lonnie's store will soon grow to meet your educational needs, from lifting to eating, such as legitimate books, hand-picked nutrition and dietary supplement choices, and more. We're starting small purposefully, but have fun getting "heroic" nonetheless!   




The Hall of Might

(Rob's Store: Training & Motivation)


The Hall of Battle

(Phil's Store: Competition & Injuries)


The Hall of Knowledge

 (Lonnie's Store: Learning & Eating)



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AD (Dr. Lowery's protein textbook)